GOCEK (G?cek)

The Gulf of G?cek, with well-equipped marinas set in a beautiful pine forest, is one of the Mediterrariean’s best sailing spots. Dotted with islands and intended with many, coves, its land and seascapes are irresistible. The ruins of Arymaxa, an ancient city the southern tip of the gulf, lie at the edge of the azure waters. Opposite on Tersane Island stand Byzantine ruins including those of the ancient shipyards.

G?cek has long been a desirable destination for both Turkish and foreign yachtsmen, as well as a favorite stopover for jet-setters and celebrities alike.

It is not just world-class yachtingthat makes G?cek a special place; it is the way the culture and natural surroundings blend in such a serene way. Strict development laws ensure that this very unique setting is protected; and since there is no oversupply of hotels, it is never crowded; majority of visitors are usually sophisticated travellers like yourself.